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Business Telephone Systems: A Guide


Telephone systems are mostly used by businesses or large organizations which put up multiple telephone lines to enhance communication. Communication is paramount to a business as it is instrumental in conducting of business transactions effectively. This is why every business has a telephone system put in place in order for them to run their operations as smooth as possible.


Telephone systems also serve to promote generation of income or revenue to a business as well as its employees. This is despite the emergence of new electronic communication means such as email.


Telephone systems come in various forms; land line systems and voice over internet protocol mainly referred to as VoIP. Land line telephone systems are common to most businesses in the vicinity. This form of telephone system existed since ages ago and uses analogue signal to operate. Such systems have no internet connection capability and are mostly used by small businesses or those that are being started. Though they are not advanced, land line systems promote ease of communication as well as implementation of these Telephony PBX systems. People are able to reach or communicate with the business easily.


Their functionality is very simple to comprehend which makes it an easier model to set up and use. Despite their simplicity, this kind of telephone system has a few perks that discourage most businesses from using them. They are not updated as they provide features that are old school and not modern making it a powerful drawback. Such a phone system requires a lot of money to maintain after set up as the overhead expenses are too much.


PBX SYSTEM DUBAI on the other hand, are systems which are modern and have features or tools that are more advanced. Due to this reason, most businesses find it as a better alternative to go for as compared to land line telephone systems. It implements internet connections where people are able to get into contact with the business a whole lot faster. VoIP provides services such as instant messaging, sending of mails, call queue and many more most of which are unavailable for land line systems.


They mostly make use of computers where the transactions are held. This favors the businesses due to the trending social media and the masses that are communication through them. As long as the company has a broadband connection, one can easily access the internet when need be. The connections should also be of high speed in order to speed up the rate at which transactions are taking place.