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Great Features of IP Telephone Systems


IP telephone systems have been common in the recent past. The reason behind this is due to their many features that are all wonderful. Many regulars have therefore preferred the use of IP telephone systems as they are exceptional. Among these features, we have a caller ID that helps to identify the users. A three-way call from the device is also possible through group directory. The organizations can easily connect as well as dialing to other speakers. Overhead paging is also another great feature of IP phone systems. This is essential as it allows paging across various locations.


 Unsolicited calls from outside the organization are prevented through privacy and hence all the information in the organization is secure. Call forwarding is also available. The user can easily direct a call to another location in case of busy conditions. When an incoming call is not responded to, it is directed to another location. Call forward not reachable is used when the other used can't be reached. There are voice mails and also unified messaging that ensure the receiver gets a notification later. A voice mail also helps to deliver the message.


 They are equipped with a busy lamp field that helps to have a look at the status of another extension. The user can also have more than one telephone numbers through shared call appearance. If the call is already answered, a call barge helps to barge in the call making a three-way call. Incoming calls can also be set to have a busy treatment if the user is busy, this is through the option; do not disturb. If the call is directed to another phone in the group especially in an organization, it is directed to call pick up, and any user can pick it.


Office services can be used from various destinations such as home places through remote office server. Speed dial is set in a way that the user can use two or three digits to call to more than one hundred speed numbers. Google connects enable business rings to connect to Google. Call pick up enables the user to pick any call within their line. If the calls have to be put on hold, there is music on hold. Auto attendant is also among the great features of this PBX System Dubai.


With this, your business becomes more professional. Conferencing is also another great feature of the PABX SYSTEM. Therefore, there are many great features of IP telephone systems that make them effective in their uses. Any client in need should have them to enjoy these many beneficial features.